Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Video Roundup

Since I have created a fair number of Christmas videos over the years, I thought I'd put them all together in one place. If you need a last minute Christmas gift or craft idea, here are a few!

Happy Holidays!

Tree Ornaments:


Nail Art:

Photography Ideas:

Friday, December 12, 2014

DIY Snowflake Window Clings

New video is up today! It's about creating your own snowflake window clings out of dimensional fabric paint, also called puffy paint.

Here is the snowflake template. Be sure to print this at full size (8" x 10") unless, of course, you want to create smaller snowflakes.

I used Tulip Glitter Dimensional Fabric Paint in the color "Crystal Sparkles," which I ordered from Hobby Lobby. This particular paint worked very well for this project, but I'm sure you could use other brands and colors as well.

Also, don't feel limited to only making the snowflakes on this template. You could also easily freehand your own, all you really need is wax paper and paint.

If you create your own, feel free to tag me on instagram @pugdemonium. I'd love see them! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Friday, December 5, 2014

DIY Photo Christmas Ornament

Here is my latest video, showing how to make a christmas tree ornament with a photo inside.

This would make a great christmas gift! Photos of pets, friends, or of family work great for this.
If you'd like to make one, you'll need:

Clear Glass Ornament {Michael's}
Glitter {White Gold, Michael's}
Microbeads {Cherry and Emerald, Michael's}
Ribbon {Michael's}
A Printed Photo
Hot Glue Gun {Walmart}

I used Photoshop to resize and print the photo, but many programs will work for this. Microsoft Word, Open Office, etc. would work as well.

Be sure to put some hot glue in the lid before putting it back on, to keep the glitter and microbeads inside.

If you make this, feel free to tag me on instagram @pugdemonium. I'd love to see it!

Candy Cane Wreath Tutorial

Here is my video on how to create a Christmas wreath that was inspired by a candy cane!

This wreath is very easy and inexpensive to make. If you'd like to try it, you'll need:

A Wreath Form {9" Flat Styrofoam Wreath, Hobby Lobby}
7/8" Red ribbon {Hobby Lobby}
1/8" Red ribbon {Hobby Lobby}
Hot Glue Gun {Walmart}

It's important to add that I accidentally ordered the wrong wreath. This was a flat, sort of transparent styrofoam one, so I covered the front and sides in felt before wrapping the ribbon. If you are going to make this, I highly recommend that you get a wreath that is the white, round extruded kind. This will work much better for this project, and won't need to be covered in felt.

If you try this project, I'd love to see it! If you have an instagram, tag me @pugdemonium.

DIY Christmas Countdown Plate

Here is my video on how to create your own christmas countdown plate, so you can count down the
days until christmas!

This is a fun and very simple project. To make it, you'll need:

A Plate {Red & white plate, Walmart}
Chalkboard Paint {in Dark Green, Michaels}
Acrylic Paint {Holiday Red and White, Michaels}
Small Paintbrush & Large Paintbrush
Ribbon {Red & White Ric Rac, JoAnn's}
Hot Glue Gun {Walmart}
A Plate Stand

Extra trim for the plate

Be sure to make this project a few days before you plan on using it, because you'll need to let each of the two layers of chalkboard paint dry overnight before it can be used.

*In red I've listed more info about what I used. If it's not listed, then it's something I already had and I'm not sure where it was from.

As always, if you make this I'd love to see it - tag me on instagram @pugdemonium.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Small Felt Bow Pattern

Hi everyone,

Here are the pattern pieces for the small felt bow. Right click the image, and save it. Be sure to print this at full size (8.5" x11"). If you don't, you'll still be able to use them to make a bow, but be aware that it won't be the same size as the one in my video. 

Good luck!

I did a bow tutorial a while back, and I decided it was time to make an updated tutorial.
In case you haven't seen the video (Tutorial: Small Felt Bow), here it is:

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Father's Day Card Tutorial - Shirt & Tie

Just uploaded a new video - how to make a Shirt & Tie card for Father's Day!

Here's the template you'll need to make it. Be sure to print this at full size (8x10):

*If you have trouble accessing the template here, you should be able to download it on my new blog, here *

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

DIY Mother's Day Card

Here is my latest tutorial, on how to make this flower bouquet Mother's Day card!

Below are the patterns for the card. Make sure to print these at full size (8 x 10):

** If you are unable to access this pattern, I’ve posted it here on my new blog and you should be able to access it there :) **

If you create this card, I'd love to see it! Tag me on instagram @essyjae :)

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