Monday, March 2, 2015

4 Leaf Clover Ring {Wire}

A new video is up, click here if you'd like to see it! This video is on how to make a 4 leaf clover inspired ring out of wire. I thought this might be a fun project to do with St. Patrick's day coming up soon!

For whatever reason, I had more technical difficulties with this video then I've ever experienced before. Didn't think I'd ever get it to export correctly for a while there, but I persevered and 
it finally worked! 

You can choose to color this ring with nail polish or not, I think the plain version seems better to wear everyday, and the green version would be great for St. Patrick's day!

The trick to this ring, I think, is to just keep working with it. It may not look how you want right away, you will probably need to do some adjusting.

To make this project, you'll need:

20 Gauge Wire
A Ring Mandrel
Wire Cutters
Needle Nosed Pliers
Round Nosed Pliers

Optional: Nail Polish (I used Pure Ice - Saddle Me Up)

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